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At just one website, you can share the gospel with people of all kinds of languages. Find Bible studies, radio and TV programs, pamphlets and health presentations, the Jesus video, entire books, Bible study lessons, and much more in over 150 languages!

Order cards to share this website at Priceless Gift Catalog or call ASAP Ministries at (269) 471-3026. You can personalize it with a local phone number on the back.

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Learn more about this great tool that you can share with people of pretty much any language that you will meet on the street, in a taxi, or on a plane.


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Please help us gather quality materials for the languages that are not listed here yet or have just a few resources. We are interested in any pamphlets, books, Bible studies, and audio/visual materials that you think can be helpful for evangelism, Christian growth, and practical areas that meet real needs. If it is online, just give us the link. If hard copy has to be ordered, please provide us the contact information for ordering. You can tell us by contacting us!

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