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“Please can you help my brother get out of Afghanistan?” my close friend Mr. A. earnestly pleaded. “He will be targeted and killed because he worked for the U.S. military.”

Another close friend of my wife’s said, “I can’t reach my family because the satellites have been bombed. I don’t know when I will ever see them again!”

It has been heart-breaking for all of us to watch Afghanistan fall to the Taliban. We feel helpless, but while many remain trapped, thousands have been evacuated. After they are processed, many of these refugees will come to Texas. Hundreds may will the 11,790 Afghans who have already moved here because of the dangers in Afghanistan. We can help, right here and right now!

Our team of volunteers at Reach the World Next Door have been helping Afghan refugees in Houston for four years. It has been such a joy to get to know many lovely parents and their precious children. You can join us. You can help care for newly arriving refugees and be a true friend to them during this difficult time of transition and worry for their family members back in their country. Here are the ways that you can make a difference in Houston. Scroll down to find resettlement agencies in Texas.

1) Volunteer with Reach the World Next Door. We have been working with Afghanis for four years, teaching their children through crafts, games, and stories, helping the parents find jobs, and bringing food during the pandemic. We need volunteers to help us start a Pathfinder club on the second and fourth Sunday from 3-5 p.m. We also need women volunteers to tutor Afghan mothers to speak English. Please call Julie Griswold at 707-380-9864 to discuss details. Write us at You are urgently needed.

2) Train with Reach the World Next Door so you can be a true friend and also share your faith in an appropriate way, giving them an opportunity to know God more deeply and personally. This training is a necessary part for working alongside us and we think you will really value it. It will also be very useful for you if you volunteer with one of the agencies below.

Learn more about the training at

You will also need to go through the screening process with Sterling Volunteers

3) Join Move in Teams and Welcome Teams to prepare apartments for new arrivals and help them adjust and thrive in this new environment. Orientation and training are provided. Invite your family and church members to join you. Learn as a group and then serve as a group.

4) Help Set up Apartments; Receive Refugees from the Airport; Give Ongoing Support.

5) Volunteer to Tutor ESL or U.S. Civics or Be a Pro Bono Attorney. You can do much of this by Zoom.

6) Refugee Youth Mentoring

7) Connect to Immigration Legal Services

8) Help a Refugee Student Apply for Higher Education

9) Donate Items that refugees need. Buying online is very helpful.

10) Promote these needs for others to know at Church or on Social Media

Care for Afghan Refugees Now! PPT English

Care for Afghan Refugees Now! PPT Bilingual

Care for Afghan Refugees Now! Keynote

11) Give to help Afghans escaping Afghanistan

Help the Griswold Project (select in the drop down menu) in Humanitarian Parole Visa applications

Help Operation Rescue with nPraxis






Fort Worth


Rio Grande Valley

San Antonio


We train and equip volunteers to share God's love with people of other cultures by establishing small action groups and taking them out to:

  • Make friends with refugees
  • Give health screening and lifestyle coaching
  • Study the scriptures for a deeper relationship with God
  • Teach English
  • Provide children's programs to touch entire families 

Would you like to become truly helpful in caring for immigrants, refugees, and international students?

Would you like to know how to share good news with people of other religions?

Explore training options now.

Email Pastor Scott Griswold to speak in your church or to schedule a training event today. Or call 707-380-9554.





God loves every person and every people group in the world. Jesus said He would not return until every people group has a chance to know the truth of the Gospel (Matthew 24:14). God has allowed people of many nations to move to cities and towns near us as He did at Pentecost (Acts 2:5-8) so they could have an opportunity to hear.

"We should be able to see in the multiplying opportunities to reach many foreigners in America a divinely appointed means of rapidly extending the third angel's message into all the nations of earth. God in His providence has brought men to our very doors and thrust them, as it were, into our arms, that they might learn the truth, and be qualified to do a work we could not do in getting the light before men of other tongues" (Evangelism 570).


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To directly help this work among refugees, immigrants, and international students:

Give through ASAP Ministries

Give through Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 

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