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Be part of God's strategic mission to reach the world by befriending refugees, immigrants, and international students.

Gather your family, your friends, and church members to gain effectiveness in cross-cultural missions through this 3-level course.

Learn through small group materials, field assignments, and video presentations by Pastor Scott Griswold and others who have experience in missions overseas and locally.

1. organize a small group to learn

  • Download all resources for free:


  • Purchase a hard copy that includes 3 workbooks with access to all the video files. Call ASAP Ministries at 1-269-471-3026 or order online:


  • All instructions are included. Consider finding a partner to help you facilitate a small group.


2. attend a live training 

  • Be mentored by Pastor Scott Griswold through an online group, while preparing to facilitate it locally. He will be teaching Level 2 of Reach the World Next Door starting very soon. Would you be interested in joining? The topics are 1. Being a Spirit-Filled Disciple (June 6) 2. Building Bridges to People of Other Religions (June 20) 3. Sharing Life-Changing Stories and Experiences (June 27) and 4. Leading Up Step by Step (July 11). They will be at 7-8:30 CT Thursdays. It is preferable that you have already completed Level 1 or have been involved in some type of cross-cultural ministry/friendship. Please email to let us know if you would like to join!

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3. study ONLINE

  • Proceed at your own pace through Adventist Learning Community.


what you will learn

level 1--AWARENESS TO ACTION (Watch Summary)

1. Befriending the Unreached Next Door

Activity: Make initial contacts and arrange for follow-up visits.

2. Enjoying and Navigating Cultural Diversity

Activity: Learn more about the cultures in new friendships and how to understand and respect differences.

3. Coming Close to the Heart of Refugees

Activity: Meet refugees and listen to their stories.

4. Tangibly Helping New Arrivals

Activity: Do something tangible to help someone of another culture.

level 2--SALT TO LIGHT (Watch Summary)

5. Being a Spirit-Filled Disciple

Activity: Experience a retreat to draw closer to God.

6. Building Bridges to People of Other Religions

Activity: Visit a mosque, temple, or synagogue. Talk with people who are not Christians about their needs, values, and beliefs.

7. Sharing Life-Changing Stories and Experiences

Activity: Share testimonies and stories in a culturally-appropriate way with people who are not Christians and invite them to experience something new spiritually. Invite them to learn the main Bible stories.

8. Leading Up Step-by-Step

Activity: Share the gospel with your international friends. Know possible Bible studies for different religious backgrounds and help your international friends start studying.

level 3--Disciple-Maker to Multiplier (Watch Summary)

9. Making Disciples Like Jesus

Activity: Write out the areas of Biblical truth and qualities of discipleship in which your new friends need to grow and begin or continue a plan to disciple them.

10. Partnering to Redeem the Culture

Activity: Discuss areas of your international friends’ cultures and your own culture in light of Bible principles to grow more like Jesus.

11. Building the International Body of Believers

Activity: Start a Discovery Bible group that includes non-Christians or support an ethnic church plant.

12. Effectively Managing Cross-Cultural Conflict

Activity: Practice and use skills for resolving conflict with others, especially with someone of another culture.

 13. Celebrating God’s Glory and Seeking for More

Activity: Promote this training and coach a core group of four or more to do what you did.

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