Least Reached

Who doesn't have a Bible in her language?

Who knows nobody that is a Christian?

Who has neighbors that are only Muslim?

Throughout the world there are not just individuals but entire ethnic groups who are separated from a knowledge of God and salvation by language, culture, religion, or geography.

They need our prayers. They need our friendship. 


Research and pray:

  • Joshua Project Discover all the unreached people groups in the world. (If you have adopted an unreached people group, search for that group here).
  • Unreached Nearby Learn which unreached groups are near you and how to connect. 
  • Open Doors. Learn about the countries that have the highest amount of persecution of Christians.
  • Operation World  Pray for the whole world in one year. Find powerful prayer videos for various countries.
  • People Groups Discover all the unreached people groups from another perspective.

Take the Prayer Challenge:

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