Train for Cross-Cultural Ministry

Come "Train for Missions by Doing Missions." Move quickly into action, befriending refugees, immigrants, and international students. Explore what training works best for you. 

Reach the World Next Door Course Summary

  • Be part of God's strategic mission to reach the world by befriending refugees, immigrants, and international students.
  • Gather your family, your friends, and church members to gain effectiveness in cross-cultural missions through this 3-level course.
  • Learn through small group materials, field assignments, and video presentations by Pastor Scott Griswold and others who have experience in missions overseas and locally.

Explore the 3 levels and training options



Learn while helping refugees and immigrants in this diverse city. Get access to personal coaching. Contact Pastor Scott and Julie Griswold to volunteer or to request a training event. Contact here.

Additional presentationS and materials By scott griswold

Four Steps for Witnessing to Anyone. Explore Jesus' approach to sharing God's love and truth with people from other world religions. Mentone, California, 2021.

Sanitizing the Sanctuary. Jesus cleansed the temple to make it possible for Greeks to worship God. Explore in this sermon how we can follow in His footsteps, as He cleanses the heavenly sanctuary and makes our earthly temples a haven for the "stranger."

The Cross and World Religions. Learn how to share the beauty of Jesus' death with people of various religions and backgrounds. Use the password 9s*31Dn? to enter this recorded Zoom Meeting. Training starts at 1:32. 

Isaiah 58's Unusual Sacrifice and Last Chance Glory. Discover in this ASI seminar more of the beauty that will flood the world before Jesus returns and how you can be part of it.

Reach the World Next Door. Enjoy a short overview of God's strategic plan in sending people from around the world and what we can do to join Him.

Cleansing the Temple for the World Next Door. Explore the connections between Jesus cleansing the courtyard of the Gentiles and the end-time cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary for the sake of the stranger in our midst.

Friendship Evangelism. Here are some questions and quotes that you can do with your family or church group to grow in confidence in your witnessing. PPT and Keynote.

End-Time Cross-Cultural Missions. Listen as Pastor Scott Griswold and Dee Casper lead a six-part seminar at GYC.

El Dios De Los Inmigrantes. Sermon on Reach the World Next Door translated into Spanish by Pastor Enoc Garcia.

The Fast Way to Jesus' Coming. Feel God's passion for the many broken people in the world as Julia O'Carey and Pastor Scott Griswold share their hearts. 

Jesus Understands. Book for children who have been through difficulty and trauma.

You are Not Alone Video adaptation of the book Jesus Understands.

Nos estás solo Masterizado Video adaptation of the book Jesus Understands in Spanish.

Reaching and Winning Buddhists Book available for purchase.

Buddhism: Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones Written by Dr. Paul Dybdahl and Scott Griswold

ASI SW 2022 Sharing Christ in the Marketplace Do you sometimes feel insecure or nervous about sharing your faith? This panel discussion is led by Philip Baptiste with Steve Wohlberg, Jose Rosado, Oleg Lotca, and Scott Griswold. Panel begins at 47:15, preceded by presentations from Reach the World Next Door and Child Impact.



Advent Defense League Academy

Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (AFCOE)


Arise Online

Bible Worker & Laity Training (2016) by Pastor Louis Torres

CORE Evangelism

Hartland - Online Missionary Training Program

Mission to the Cities

SOULS (Soul-Winning and Leadership Training)

Urban Centers of Influence

Training in Health Ministry

Black Hills School of Massage

Eden Valley School of Medical Missionary Evangelism

HEALTH - Weimar University

The Lay Institute for Global Health Training (LIGHT)

The MASTER's Program - Uchee Pines

Wildwood - Center for Health Evangelism

Agricultural Training

Acquainting Agriculture

Bountiful Blessings Farm

CARE/Cell Groups by Johnny Wong

Centro Misionero de Salud

Possibility Ministries

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