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Persecution. War. Disaster. Hunger. Separation from family. Ciin Kiim endured all this and more as a child. When she arrived in the U.S., as a 10-year-old refugee, she could not read or write in her own language, let alone English. Where God has brought her since then is nothing short of a miracle! 

Have you ever shared the good news of the gospel with someone who has never even heard of Jesus? You can. Learn about a free online training that will equip you to share your faith with anyone. 

 Do the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 seem complicated to you? Do you wonder how you could share them simply with your neighbors, let alone the many people from different cultures and religions around you? Watch to explore the easy bridges and essential solutions in God’s end-time message.

Do you wonder how to share Jesus - especially the gospel story - with the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and other unreached people in your community? Reach the World Next Door's new free online training explores unique ways to lift up the cross that will draw all people to the Savior!



Growing up in refugee camps in Thailand, Jasmine dreamed of moving to America. At the age of 16, her dream finally came true. But during college God placed a new dream in Jasmine's heart, one that will soon take her back to the camps. She left as a refugee. She will return as ASAP's first student missionary. This is Jasmine's story.





Revelation 7 foretells the day when "a great multitude" will stand before Jesus and lift their voices in praise to Him. But many from that great multitude haven't even heard of Him yet. Please join us in praying for the 600+ ASAP ethnic missionaries sharing the good news of Jesus' soon return with the unreached "nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues" of the 10/40 Window. 

Approximately 3 million refugees have resettled in the United States since 1975. In the midst of the current conversation about this issue, an important question is often overlooked. How should we relate to the refugees who are already here, living among us as our neighbors, co-workers, and fellow citizens? 

Through friendships forged in the aftermath of disaster, a Laotian immigrant and his family encountered the God of the Bible. Learn how small acts of kindness nurtured the gospel seeds and brought this family to the threshold of faith in Jesus as their Savior.

What can a stray cat teach us about God's grace and how to share it with people from other cultures? More than you might think! 

Two years ago, Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic flooding in the Cambodian enclave of Rosharon, just south of Houston, Texas. With the help of volunteers - including many from Reach the World Next Door - the residents of Rosharon are rebuilding. And now, as a result of those efforts, another kind of rebirth is underway.

Would you like to witness to someone who doesn't speak the same language as you? Try sharing in their heart language! Watch now to learn how.


Over the next few weeks, more than a million international students from all around the world will arrive at college and university campuses across the United States to begin a new school year. But sadly, most of them will never be invited into an American home, let alone hear about Jesus. You can change that! Watch to learn more. 

Learn how Reach the World Next Door and Houston-area church members are partnering to serve the needs of refugee families and build relationships through a unique program called Day at the Farm.





Did you know that more than 1 in 10 Americans feel they cannot speak English well? In fact, 1 in 5 Americans speaks another language besides English at home. How can you share the Gospel with them? Where can you access literature or videos with solid Biblical material that they would enjoy? Watch to learn more about!


What does God do when He sees 445 unreached people groups among 1.4 billion people in China? He finds a willing Taiwanese couple and sends them to Houston, Texas! This is William and Rachel's story.

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come" (Matthew 24:14, NKJV).

It's the only sign of the end given by Jesus to His disciples in Matthew 24 that has yet to be fulfilled. But with nearly 3.2 billion unreached people in more than 7,100 people groups, how will it ever happen? God has a plan! Watch this short video to find out what it is and how you can be a part of it!

From the Killing Fields of Cambodia to a refugee camp to her new hometown in the United States, Lynne's life journey has not been easy. But it has led her to the God who loves her. Watch her story and learn how you can serve refugees on a similar journey at Reach the World Next Door.

Would you like to learn how to reach immigrants and refugees from every nation, tribe, people and tongue using Christ's compassionate methods? Join us at Reach the World Next Door, where we train for missions by doing missions!

To carry the gospel to the unreached, J. Hudson Taylor went to China, David Livingstone traveled around Africa, Adoniram Judson and Eric B. Hare journeyed to Burma, and Amy Carmichael and William Carey served in India. Would you like to follow in their footsteps and reach the unreached today? The mission field may be closer than you think!





This summer, the Diaz Family accepted a call to join the staff at the Reach the World Next Door training program. Together with the Houston Spanish Bellaire Seventh-day Adventist Church they followed the Acts 16 model and discovered a new mission field right in their own community!





Learn from Jesus, and how He related with the Roman centurion in reaching out to the foreigner next door.


Rachel and William graduated from the Reach the World Next Door training center in May, but they're not going anywhere. Find out why in this episode of Reach the World - ASAP!


 Experience a day in the life of Sister Li Li, an ASAP missionary serving lepers in a closed country.




Christ's followers in centuries past believed the Gospel was something worth living and dying for. Do our lives demonstrate that it is still true today?


The unreached are within your reach! Join the Reach the World Next Door training program in Houston, Texas this August and become a cross-cultural missionary to the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in America. 

God is using education to open a door to the Gospel in the closed country of Laos. See how mission-minded supporters are helping ASAP Ministries and the Laos Attached Region build the first Seventh-day Adventist academy in this communist country.

See what happened when ASAP Ministries and community sponsors collaborated on a fun event to benefit schools serving refugees and the unreached in a conflict zone in Myanmar. 




Two students from Reach the World Next Door reflect on amazing friendships during their year of service among Cambodians in Texas. 




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Join Pastor Scott as he revisits a city in need of God's power and love.


Discover in this two minute video where today's mission field is at, and forward this podcast to at least 7 people you know who would make great cross-cultural missionaries.


See how Pakistani refugee children are being helped in Bangkok Thailand.


Prayer and friendliness open doors in Texas as church members train with Pastor Scott and visit shops.


Explore with Sam Ngala how to help overworked refugees find rest and peace in the God of creative power.


Listen to Scott and Julie tell how God found the perfect place for the Reach the World Next Door missionary 


Listen to Lisa Isensee describe her interesting life that combines family and ministry.


The seeming conflict between law and grace finds answers as seekers for truth in Laos study late into the night.


The Vietnamese school in Cambodia grows in effectiveness as students become teachers to help more out of poverty.


Share Julie Griswold’s joy in the training of Cambodian teachers to protect from trafficking and abuse.


Enjoy an interview with a one of America’s top math teachers whose greatest joy is planting churches among immigrants.


Hear the good news of the advance of the gospel in the country of Myanmar where many unreached still wait.


Now is the time for many Christians to rise up and share the beauty of the gospel with Buddhists.


See how a boy’s persistence pays off to get into an Adventist school in Beirut, Lebanon—and how you can help other would-be students.


Refugees from various language groups in Myanmar take up the needs of an unreached group right here in the United States.


What would you do if a desperately poor woman showed you her swollen foot that had been excruciatingly painful for six years?


Take a peek into the life of a church planter right where he lives.


Many cannot read or write, but you can bring them God’s word anyway!


Pastor Sam Ngala shares how church plants among refugees and immigrants grow when they can worship in their own language.


Come with me to a “live” evangelistic event in Cambodia where the attendees are the family and friends of children at our Feed and Read School.


A new Thai church planter continues the work Griswolds and others started in Buddhist Ayutthaya.


Darryl Hosford joins us to share the impact gardening can have on mission and for helping us personally.


Join us with your prayers as we teach our national missionaries in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos.


God is stirring people up to finish His work. Let my recent experience in Houston remind you and invite you to get involved where you are or soon in Houston with us!


Follow Vang's story as he goes from a single village boy who worships spirits to married Christian who plants churches.


This Seventh-day Adventist refugee fled for his life. Now he’s risking his life again to help other refugees know Jesus.


Barb Zdor found her own life changing as she wrapped her arms around a freezing stranger


Follow Bophal past barbed war and landmines to meet his enemies, the Khmer Rouge, and see how far the love of Christ can take you!


Hear all about ASAP's new plan to train missionaries while serving unreached immigrants, refugees, and international students in Houston, Texas.










































Learn from Allie, a Chinese international student in Australia, as she shares what it took to reach her heart when she did not believe in God.


Come help me introduce my friend to as many people as possible. Enjoy two brand new tools.






Enjoy Pastor Will James’ excited description of his church's booming refugee ministry.












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