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The Really Bad News
Sudan. We forgot Sudan! Lost between Ukraine and Palestine, more people have been run out of their homes right now than any other country in the world. 5 million children—2 million of those are under 5 years old. Besides the war, but because of the war, it is possible that a million may die from famine. This is just awful! Understand more.
Learn about the mostly Muslim 169 unreached people groups in Sudan.
Tiny Glimmers of Good News
To begin with, you can help someone in Sudan through
You can get even closer to Sudan through a refugee. Just 10 days ago in Chattanooga, TN we meet several families who are refugees from Sudan. I was visiting Wildwood Seventh-day Adventist Church to put on a Reach the World Next Door training. The church members wanted to go find refugees. So in 33 degree freezing weather, out we went!
The local pastor, Tapiwa, led us to an apartment complex. We divided to visit every door. We were friendly, shared a prayer, gave a My Language My Life card, and found Sudanese refugees whose hearts are connected to the pain at home in Africa.
Now the Sudanese have Seventh-day Adventist friends who plan to visit every Sabbath afternoon and tangibly help. I was thrilled that we had just added Sudanese Arabic websites to that they are now looking at.
Please find a way to be one of those glimmers of good news. Give. Go. Pray.

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