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Joshua, Julie, Maureen, and Nnalu had never dreamed of befriending people from other cultures and faiths, let alone sharing Jesus with them. Participating in the Reach the World Next Door training course and serving the unreached in their communities has changed their lives, their families, and their churches. Join them here: Be a Reach the World Next Door Missionary!


“Please can you help my brother get out of Afghanistan?” my close friend Mr. A. earnestly pleaded. “He will be targeted and killed because he worked for the U.S. military.”

Another close friend of my wife’s said, “I can’t reach my family because the satellites have been bombed. I don’t know when I will ever see them again!”

It has been heart-breaking for all of us to watch Afghanistan fall to the Taliban. We feel helpless, but while many remain trapped, thousands have been evacuated. Right now 37,000 new Afghan refugees are coming to 46 states in the USA. We can welcome and assist them, right here and right now: Help Afghan Refugees!