Jesus and the Jew Next Door

How much love do you and I have for Jewish people? Maybe a lot if you know someone or have a relative who is Jewish. Maybe just a passing interest if not.

A more important question is how much love does God have for Jewish people? They were His first choice as the landing place when He sent the first missionary from heaven--His only Son.

How much does Jesus love Jewish people? He gave up His heavenly home and took on the Jewish ethnicity as His very own. He focused the vast majority of His earthly mission on them.

How much does the Holy Spirit love Jewish people? On Pentecost there were devout men of every nation dwelling in Jerusalem (Jews) and each heard the Gospel in his own language.

The vast majority of Jewish people in the United States (which is 2 out of every 100 people) need to see these truths about God's love through a caring Christian.

jesus and the world next door



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