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I am inviting you to join me for a live Zoom training called From Salt to Light. You can gain confidence to share an effective verbal witness with people from any religious or non-religious background.

I will teach the following lessons from Level 2 of Reach the World Next Door.

June 27--Being a Spirit-Filled Disciple--Gain insights into effective time with God that will help you speak for Him. 

July 11--Building Bridges to People of Other Religions--Practice building bridges to Muslims, Buddhists, and others through their needs, values, and beliefs.

July 25--Sharing Life-Changing Stories and Experiences--Share testimonies and stories in a culturally-appropriate way with people who are not Christians. Invite them to experience something new spiritually. 

August 1--Leading Up Step-by-Step--Learn when and how to share the gospel with your international friends.

The class will be taught from 7-8:30 p.m. CT by Zoom. Watch a summary of each of these classes to know if this is what you should do!

To join email or text Scott Griswold at 707-380-9554.

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