Give and It Will Be Given to You


It has been a bit challenging to witness to others because of COVID-19. I asked our newly baptized members, Phaly and Lynetta, “How can we help your neighbors learn the special things you’ve found?” We decided to make a card inviting the neighbors to our new church meeting and Wednesday night Bible study. Then we added websites and QR codes in the four languages that are spoken in the community. 

Sabbath afternoon we earnestly prayed for God to lead us to people who would be interested. There were just seven of us and we were only in the community for a little over an hour. We found some people who seemed interested, but the greatest difference was in Lynetta. She had been visibly stressed and a bit sad for two or three weeks. As she witnessed, she came alive and was filled with joy and determination.

Are you feeling a bit down? Step out and share. “Give and it will be given unto you, pressed down and running over.”

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