Helping During Crisis

Imagine living in a foreign country, trying to buy food, but you are barely able to speak the local language. Picture trying to provide for your children, but then suddenly losing your job. Add to your difficult situation a deadly flu pandemic that sweeps across the world, isolating you and making you even more afraid. That is the reality for many refugees today. 

Asked to "shelter in place” in Houston, we have struggled with what we can do to help the refugees. We created a flyer/poster with ASAP Ministries to show how people can boost their immune system to fight COVID-19. It is in simple English and with pictures so it can be more easily understand even by those who do not speak the language. It connects people to, an ASI Ministries-sponsored website sharing virus updates, best health practices, and inspirational resources. We’ve sent this flyer to people we know, asked apartment managers to post it where the refugees live, and passed it directly, but safely, to those we knew had to have it now. 

May God show you what you can do.


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