Involve Your Whole Church


Share your experiences and invite members to join you. Introduce them to your international friends. Help match members with students of similar interests, hobbies, education, and perhaps cultural background.

Ask various professionals and workers in your church to host an international student at their job places for a career observation day. Match students so they can learn something about their career as it is done in America.

Host an International Students Appreciation Day. Ask the church members to prepare food for an international potluck. Give out tickets to international students. Talk about the various cultures. Invite them to other programs that your church has.

Start small groups at your church that are particularly geared for people of non-Christian backgrounds. Some have used the Jesus video, showing a small section with English captions and then discussing both the English words and the meaning.

There are study guides that go along with the Jesus video, so you can ask questions and help them think it through. The appeal at the end is a wonderful opportunity for you to give them a chance to make a decision for Jesus.

India and Taiwan Meet in Australia

Enjoy this couple’s story about how they met each other and God through the Gateway Adventist Centre’s outreach to international students.

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