Lead a “Tour” through Your Town



Your community is familiar and comfortable to you. For a newcomer everything is strange and unknown. You can take newly arrived refugees or international students on a tour of the community.

Visit educational places like museums, the library, or an adult learning center. Show them parks, sporting areas, and tourist attractions right in town or nearby. Point out churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques. Show them government and private places that offer various programs that might help them. Point out where they can find used items at thrift shops and food at discount prices.

You’ll have plenty of good ideas on your own, but you could also ask individuals at the library or the Chamber of Commerce for their suggestions. Ask a recent immigrant for her suggestions. She’ll think of things you might never have thought of like showing new arrivals how to find a restroom in public places or that it is safe to drink water from the tap.

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