Least-Reached in Texas

God has brought the world to Texas so we could share Jesus with them and they could take the Gospel back to their own people. We can hasten the coming of Jesus by praying and partnering with the Holy Spirit. Here are some resources to help you, your family, and your church pray and get involved.

 Pray for the Least-Reached in Texas in One Year

List of Unreached People Groups in Texas

Adopt a people group-back page

Print the 44 cards below with the following instructions on the back. Share them with your church asking different families to adopt one unreached people group.

 Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Tamil

Bengali, Punjabi, Persian, Afghan


Kerala, Telugu, Khmer, Japanese

Nepali, Turk/Cypriot, Thai, Jordanian

Saudi Arabian, Bihari, Marathi, Kanada

Malayali, Turk, Lao, Azerbaijani

Israeli, Indonesian, Moroccan, Albanian

Somali, Jew, Lebanese, Nubian

Wolof, Tigre, Algerian, Sudanese

Palestinian, Sinhalese, Iraqi, Syrian

Vietnamese, Chinese, Cherokee, Jur Modo


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