Lesson Three: Coming Close to the Heart of Refugees


Coming Close to the Heart of Refugees. Grow in understanding the challenges facing refugees. Come close to their lives and understand their hearts.


Tara Vang at the GYC

Ms. Tara Vang tells the huge impact church members made on her refugee family (GYC) (Start at 15:53).







Antoine Nsanzimana, Philip Dangal, and Bryan Gallant

Three friends from Iowa, Missouri, and the world share, “Refugees, Pain and Trauma Dealing with Everyday Life” (3ABN).





Interview with Pastor Desta

Pastor Desta describes the journey from Ethiopia to Minnesota and how to help refugees adjust (ASAP Ministries).






Helping Refugees Around the World

See what God’s people are doing around the world to help refugees.


Praying for the World Next Door

My Favorite Missionary

Mission Checklist and Field Report #3