Pray and seek revival

Jesus invites us to turn our prayers for revival and reformation into a focused plea for the Holy Spirit who will make it possible for people from the world who have moved near us to hear in his or her own language just as at Pentecost when people "of every nation" were dwelling in Jerusalem (Acts 1 and 2).

Enjoy learning more about these unique Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and other people as you pray for them to know God. He has promised that people from all nations will bring their glory and honor into the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21).

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Join us weekly by phone for United Prayer for the World Next Door. On Tuesdays at 7 a.m. CT. Call (602) 580-9746 and use the access code: 6207480. 

Spanish Praying for the World Next Door ¿Quién está orando por el hombre de negocios musulmán Palestino en Dallas? ¿Quién está orando por la madre refugiada Rohingya de Myanmar? Orando por el Mundo de al Lado

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