Some estimate that there are 2.75 million Muslims in the USA. The amount of Muslims in Canada is predicted to triple in the next twenty years, rising to almost 3 million.

How do you feel about that? Do you have a negative stereotype based on Islam’s radical fringe? Have you had the privilege of making a close friendship with a hospitable, family-centered, highly devoted Muslim?

You may actually have more in common with some of your Muslims neighbors than with your typical secular American or Canadian. Muslims teach a lifestyle lived in surrender to the one true Creator God. They believe that Jesus was born to a virgin, taken to heaven, and they are waiting for His return. Committed Muslims do not eat pork or drink alcohol—something else in common with Seventh-day Adventists.

It would take a whole book to describe the various kinds of Muslims in North America and where they are and come from. The ten states with the largest Muslim populations are California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, and Maryland. There are Somali, Mali, Sudanese and others from North African countries. There are many Urdu and Punjabi from Pakistan and Northeast India. Others come from Albania and Algeria, Bosnia and Bangladesh. Ethnic groups of Muslims by the tens of thousands, even the hundred thousands have come to America.

Unfortunately, one study shows that 42.5% of Muslims in North America do not personally know a Christian. That is sad, because while they are our brothers and sisters, most have not yet followed the instruction in their holy book, the Quran, to read the law, the prophets, and the gospel. They do not yet know Jesus as the Savior who has obtained full pardon for their sins and has the power to make the heart new. Your prayers can change that.



Resources and Contacts

GLOBAL CENTER FOR ADVENTIST-MUSLIM RELATIONS: Learn more about Muslims and register to access specialized resources or Email:

Adventists and Muslims. Read a summary article by Dr. Paul Dybdahl and Gabriela Phillips then explore further in their book Islam: Facts, Fictions, and Familiarities.

Watch Lester Merklin share his view of Islam and how Christians can befriend and reach out to Muslims.

Connecting with Your Muslim Neighbors by Bryan Gallant

Touching Muslims for Eternity by Bryan Gallant

An Adventist Approach to Islam. Ministry Magazine article by Larry Owens

The Character of God in the Bible and the Koran by Larry L. Lichtenwalter 

For Ministry among Muslims in North America contact Gabriela Phillips

Explore Gabriela Phillips Orientation to Refugee Ministry among Muslims below:

A) Orientation #1: Refugee: Who? What? Safe? Listen to a clear presentation of where refugees are coming from and why. Understand the status of different ones.

B) Orientation #2: The Church as a Healing Community  How can we best care as a church? Should we invite refugees to church? How can we pray with Muslims and others? Explore essential godly qualities needed in this ministry, including how to dress.

C) Orientation #3: Islam 101: Faith, Culture and Engagement. Learn the basics of Islam and how to make excellent bridges into spiritual conversations.

D) Orientation #4: Logistics: What is the Next Step? What are We Expected to Do? Hear a good description of the types of things you can do to practically help refugees.

E) Orientation #5: God's Perspective on Refugees. A simple conclusion call to feel and live God's heart.

Somalis Find a Friend in Jesus

85,000 Somali refugees have found safety in America. Hear the stories of three in Minneapolis who also found freedom in Jesus.

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