Miscellaneous Ideas for Helping Tangibly



Many times refugees and immigrants of the same ethnicity will establish networks or communities. You will find special people and gain great information by meeting the leaders of these groups. Ask them what they are doing for the people. Ask them what they wish they could do and how you might help. There is much to learn also from government and private assistance programs.

Weddings and funerals are also very important times in which it may be difficult for people to be true to their home country’s traditions in a new setting. Find ways you can help that are meaningful to them.

It’s wise to help people help themselves. Many compassionate individuals have learned not to give money handouts, but to directly buy and give some gas, food, bus ticket or a night in a hotel. This keeps money from going into alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

One of the best ways to make enemies and lose friends is to loan money. It’s better to help with a complete gift or assistance without any expectation of return. This is the love of Jesus.

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